DDI Utilities is a reliable software that backs up and retrieves data stored in a device. What makes it useful is that it can be used to protect your company from employees with damaging plans, and secure important files by providing a back up storage. With your office equipments and devices provided to your employees for work related activities, you can activate the software to those devices and monitor their mobile and computer activities. You will then know if your employees have negative feelings and plans against the administration, or you can gather data to measure unspoken demands of the employees.

Why You Need to Have a Data Backup and Recovery App

Data backup app provides storage for your important corporate data. It is a precautionary method in preserving your data, making it retrievable in times it is needed. It is important to back up data and important files to avoid problems in the future. You cannot avoid circumstances where your computer hardware is damaged or the device might get lost and so your data becomes unretrievable. But if you have the software already activated in your devices then you cannot lose important data. You can always repair a damaged equipment and buy a new one for lost device, but you will find it difficult to bring back lost data without Data recovery app.

How the Software Work?

The software works with any iOS and Android devices. To start using the software purchase it from a reliable source. A username and password is then provided and sent through email. Follow the instruction on how to download and activate the application. After successful activation, the application is now ready to be used. You can now start to monitor all mobile and computer activities including reading text messages, listening to real time conversation, access to phone contacts, view photos and videos, monitor social media activities, websites visited and games played online. For the computer usage you can view all activities including the work progress of your employees’ tasks. To monitor the target device, simply log in to any computer or mobile device to serve as your control panel using your username and password. The software can be useful to a company and be a good investment.

DDI Utilities is a product provider that offers advance software technology for data storage and extraction. It offers great quality product with unique features capable of protecting important data in your device.