Data backup software serves as a storage of data and files from your devices. It is a good idea to always save a backup of your files in case your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any device got damaged, lost or stolen. Worry no more on spending another extra time in encoding. Installation of the software to a device ensures your data to be in a safe and secure storage. Hassle free when you wish to have access to your data anytime you want. It’s a good idea to always save a backup of your work or your presentations and any file in your device. It serves as having a second copy in case the original one is un-accessible.

Data recovery software serves another purpose and it retrieves lost and deleted data when you accidentally deletes the files or your device got broken, lost or stolen.

It recovers the exact copy of your text messages sent and received by the phone. Recover a list of incoming and outgoing calls with complete details of date, time and call duration. It recovers emails and its complete details including the sender, time and date, and content. It recovers photos and videos both taken on and received by the device. It tracks the location of the device via GPS thus it is helpful to locate  your phone when it is stolen or lost. It also takes pictures of the phones surroundings.

What is Highly Recommended

Worry no more of your data when your device is damaged and you cant have it worked for the day. With a trusted company that produces advance software with comprehensive features to provide the best data recovery and backup application, you’ll have safe and protected environment to store and save your personal and business files. DDI Utilities caters to any user who wants their daily transactions run smoothly, be it personal or business transactions. This brand is recommended for its track record of having a good quality software. Make sure to secure your smart phones and other devices and at the same time secure your data. Before you encounter loss of data secure now by getting to know what data backup and recovery software is best for you.

DDI Utilities is one of the best backup and recovery software to be installed in a device. Perfect to secure your data in case your device got stolen or lost.