Smartphones are among the most popular devices used by most individuals nowadays. Most of the time, these devices contain private data and information which are of high value and importance. However, certain accidents and mishaps could happen leading to damage of the smartphone device.  A data recovery software can help restore lost information during these unfortunate circumstances.

What Is a Data Backup Software?

Companies like DDI Utilities offer data recovery software which, as the name suggests, function by recovering or backing up all information lost on a specific device. The software backs up important data such as:

  • Phone contacts
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Call histories
  • Call logs
  • MMS messages
  • Text messages
  • App files
  • Games
  • Saved files on phone

7 Reasons Why You Need a Data Recovery Software

There are many reasons and situations where a data backup software becomes highly essential. Here are just some of them:

  1. You accidentally dropped your phone on water. Whether this includes the toilet, pool, tub or just a soaked-up incident under the rain, accessing your information on your phone becomes top priority especially if there is an evidence of water damage.
  2. You accidentally broke your phone. If you accidentally dropped your phone, cracked its screen and smashed some buttons, a data recovery software can help you restore data on your device for access.
  3. You reset your phone without backing up your data. This situation is applicable especially if you pressed the factory reset button without backing up your old data.
  4. You accidentally deleted data on your phone. If due to an unfortunate circumstance that you deleted data on your phone, a data recovery software can help you restore your files and even prevent losing essential information again.
  5. You want an extra copy of all important files used in your business. If you want to view all information that has been deleted on your company phone for a certain period of time, you can use the software to double-check your files and even secure all of them in one place.
  6. You want to find out what your child or partner is up to. Since the software restores deleted files on the device, you can use it to check your loved one’s previous phone activities especially those that have already been sent to the bin.
  7. You want to protect your business from secrecy breaches. You can monitor information that has been passed on from your company phone since the software notes down text messages and call logs from the device.

A data recovery or backup software has plenty of benefits especially when it comes to securing deleted information from your phone. Overall, it is a useful tool to use for personal and business purposes.

DDI Utilities offers data recovery apps and software for individuals who want to recover lost information from a damaged phone. This tool works for both Apple and Android devices.