Modern times entail cutting edge ways to investigate a particular target which signifies usage of the right data back up and recovery software. In essence, you can forget about the outdated and utterly expensive investigation process of hiring a professional detective because the brains behind DDI Utilities, a highly endorsed utilities app, has made target monitoring the easiest! It is highly advisable to visit their website to see for yourself!

Why DDI Utilities?

People with fact-finding agendas have made their voices heard via online product testimonials on how a monitoring app like DDI Utilities exceeded their expectations!

With over a million users to date, evidently confirming that this product is in no way a scam, the app aims to encourage parents, employers or those with intense monitoring needs to make a wise decision of putting their money and resources in a practical cause.

DDI Utilities backs up and recovers exact copy of gathered data from target phone to investigator’s online control panel. Unfortunate situations like a failed iOs update, data not purposely deleted or a damage device does not call for stressing because it can still be retrieved like nothing happened.

Sold affordably at $29.99 per month, cancellable anytime without hidden charges, this app is a wise-investment. Below is the list of data to be accessed once product is availed.

  • Text messages
  • Multimedia messages (images/videos)
  • Voicemail
  • Apps (online instant messengers and social networking site included)
  • Saved games
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Call history
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Voicemail
  • GPS location

Does it work differently on Android and Apple devices?

This data backup and recovery software works just as the same on both devices in terms of premium features or attainable data, only difference are the steps of installation.

For ANDROID users

Step 1

Use the step-by-step guide to download the recovery software to the device

Step 2

Enter license key and begin to back-up the info from target device

Step 3

Login to you control panel and view all the data recovered from target device

For APPLE users

Step 1

Login to the device you want to backup using the APPLE ID and PASSWORD

Step 2

DDI Utilities will recover and backup all data from the device and upload it to your control panel

Step 3

Using your logins provided in the confirmation email, view all the data recovered

Who can greatly benefit from DDI Utilities?

It has been mentioned in the first part of this article that people with fact-finding agendas are its usual consumers. A great percentage of them are parents and company owners.

Parents for the obvious need to monitor whereabouts of children be it in school, at home or elsewhere. Most especially those with teenage sons and daughters who have all their focus on using mobile phones / tablet / computers everywhere they go. That even unsupervised, parenting is still made possible with DDI Utilties.

On the other hand, company owners who aim for their human resource to be practicing efficiency at work. By way of screening company provided devices, owners can see who among their workers have been using corporate devices for work purposes or leisurely which is a breach of company rules.