Back up your files with DDI Utilities, a software made to secure all data in a device and extracts all information when it becomes inaccessible. It is also called data backup and recovery software that is another product of technological innovations. Enable your data to be accessible at all time even in certain situations like physical damage of the device, file is infected by a virus, or device is lost or stolen.

Provide Safe and Secure Storage of the Data

Making use of the technology around us could make us live our lives comfortably and conveniently. With the aid of modern technology we are able to communicate and deal business around the world. Most business are now done online, making it possible for more convenient and faster transactions. Just imagine how much profit is lost when online transactions failed due to data problems.

Technology now provides every business a solution to a smooth sailing transaction. Simply download the backup and recovery software to your device used for your business dealings and all your data is protected from getting lost or inaccessible. It provides storage and backs up all your data making it as well retrievable.

Retrieve All Data from the Device

The backup software has already done its part by securing your data a backup copy which also makes the data retrievable. Upon installation of the backup software and recovery data application to your device, you are given a username with a password you can use in retrieving the data. When you lost access to your data or your device is lost or stolen, just log in to another device and be able to retrieve the data from your own device such as your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The software extracts all information of your backed up data from your computerand allows you to retrieve from any other devices, be it an Android or Apple device.No more hassle for a business transaction to get hampered by virus corrupted data or malfunction gadget.

Location Tracker

The application is also beneficial to track a lost or stolen device. Install the application in your tablet, laptop or smartphone and when it gets lost the application tracks down the location and at the same time retrieves all data in your lost device.

Using DDI Utilities allows user to conveniently accomplish daily online transactions successful and effective. Its unique features have distinct operational functions, making it an efficient tool as data backup and recovery software.