The best that DDI Utilities can offer is data backup and recovery software that is important to any private individual or business person.

Have you accidentally deleted your important file? Or your hardware is damaged and you could not access your data. Your cell phone is lost and you have data stored for personal and important business transactions. You wanted your device back, but you wanted the most your data that is lost. Data recovery software is the answer.

How Does It Work?

With DDI Utilities it is as easy as 1-2-3. It recovers data in 3 simple steps. First is to download the software to the device, just follow the instruction on how to download. Second is the recovery process, enter the license key and start to backup data from the device. And third is viewing the data, by logging in to your control panel you can view the data recovered from the device. As it provides data backup software and data recovery software, your data is safe and protected.

What Can It Do?

It can backup features like contact list, call logs and histories, voicemail logs, saved games and applications. It recovers text messages sent and received by the phone, list of all incoming and outgoing calls including details of time, date and call duration, emails with details of sender, receiver, time and date sent and received, photos and videos both taken on and by the device, social media activities and interactions like Facebook, FB Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and other social media applications, and browsers to check websites visited and how often it is visited. When the phone is lost it can be used to track exact location of the phone in the map via GPS and could take pictures of the phone’s surroundings in a stealth mode.

When Is It Needed?

You need a data backup and recovery software for damaged device, unsuccessful iOS update, accidentally deleted files, lost or stolen phone where your data are highly needed for your work and transactions. It works with all Apple devices like iphones and ipads, and Android devices like Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and other Android devices. It has also good reviews that show customer satisfaction of DDI Utilities’ product.

Choose a product of good quality that is produced by a reliable brand. A product with no compatibility issues, secure account and from a company with customer service you can access anytime yo have queries.