DDI Utilities remains to be the most effective data management software of all time. A lot can attest to it as consumers grow in number day by day. Before I go into product review and in view of today’s outrageous technological influence, most of us rely on cell phones to store everything; from contacts, text messages, photos, videos, emails, notes, favorite games, preferred apps and more. It does not matter if the purpose behind is entertainment, personal or business, as long as we get hold of it. Otherwise, we tend to be disorganized. Now, ask yourself these questions:

What do would you do if…

  • Your phone got lost or stolen?
  • You or someone unintentionally clicks something and data is totally wiped out?
  • Your phone is completely damaged?

Before impulsively buying another one, know how that here lies software that is downloadable, priced just right to be your ultimate remedy during worst case scenarios.

Doubled Capacity

A million users and counting, this software is a thing to beat! Not only is it capable of accessing the following:

  • Sent or received SMS, MMS and iMessages (for Apple users) complete with messaging details such as data and time
  • Incoming and outgoing call logs including call duration
  • User captured or received photos or videos
  • (At least 50 feet of its actual) Target’s location viewable on Google Maps updated every 10 minutes
  • Saved calendar events
  • App files—games / social media apps included

It does data retrieval even in the most impossible of situations:

  • Water damaged cell phone
  • Factory restored phone without backing up data
  • Accidentally deleted data
  • Interrupted iOS update

DDI Utilities software can recover virtually any bit of data that is currently on the phone (check the list of accessible) and even that which has been deleted. This digital monitoring tool is priced at $29.99 a month, cancellable anytime, without any hidden charges!

And if ever you are doubtful of this article content or DDI as data recovery software, be aware that there exists more affirmative software reviews made by consumers who has felt its usefulness.

Data Recovery Guide for Android Users:

  • DOWNLOAD the software

Before doing so, enter license key and begin to backup data from device

  • VIEW

Login to the control panel where you can view all recovered data

Data Recovery Guide for Apple Users:


Using your Apple ID and Password, login to the device you want to backup/recover data


Check the control panel where all data can be seen, if not, repeat LOGIN

  • VIEW

DDI Utilities works differently as a data backup software on Apple devices as it requires you touse same LOGINs provided in your confirmation email and begin viewing backup/recovered data