Lost or deleted data are some of the problems that DDI Utilities, the best mobile recovery and data extraction software, can help us with. Sometimes, even the most careful person can be clumsy too. Accidentally deleted files, forgotten passwords, codes and data location among others can happen to anyone. But technology has kept pace with us humans and created a software that we would make use of at least once in our lives. It is quite impressive that we can now recover lost vital files which we thought we would never see again. Cell phone tracking software was definitely created to assist people in these times where technology abounds and gadgets are vital in everyday tasks.

What is DDI?

DDI Utilities is the ultimate data backup and recovery software for both Apple and Android devices. It can return all data exactly as it was which the user may have thought forever lost or inaccessible. These data include messages, call logs, contacts, photos and videos, notes, calendar entries and other data stored on the phone. It can also track down a target phone’s location, which can be very helpful in case one lost a phone or had it stolen.

DDI Features and Benefits

Just like any other mobile tracking software, DDI enables a user to track a target phone’s location and pinpoint it on a map. Its other features include:

  • Access to all messages
  • Can view all contacts
  • Call history can be seen with all details
  • Browser history access
  • Calendar entries and notes will be seen
  • Access to all photos and videos taken by and sent to the target phone

DDI Utilities goes way beyond the usual monitoring app by making it possible to retrieve lost or inaccessible data. It is such a great help for people who lost their phones with all important information stored on it. Those with damaged devices can also benefit greatly from this app. A failed operating software update which can delete all files and reset a phone will need DDI to retrieve all that was lost.

Because of these features, people who are dependent on their gadgets to accomplish their jobs and obligations usually utilize this backup software. For $19.99/month, the features than come with it is worth it. They even offer a 30-day money back guarantee if the software doesn’t meet and resolve functionality issues on a device. Still not convinced? Try the app for free with the 7-day trial period.