When you cannot turn on your cell phone and you start getting worried about recovering your files, DDI Utilities could have been the answer. Its data recovery software could have retrieved all your data from your Smartphones if you had it installed in your device. So make sure to not only secure your device but also have your data stored and protected in a data backup software that could be retrieved anytime in case your device is unaccessible. Your device is important, so is your data that contains your important personal and business files, work presentations, business proposals, your photos and videos taken during your most memorable days, and other stored files you created and saved in your cell phone. The moment you installed the software your files are saved and backed up making it ready for future recovery.

How the Software Operates

The data backup and recovery software offers data storage and data protection to your files that are saved on your cell phones. In cases like the phone is damaged, lost or stolen, the software can recover the exact copy of text messages sent and received by the phone. It also recovers list of all incoming and outgoing calls including the time, date and call duration. It recovers emails including sender, receiver, time and date sent and received. Recovers photos and videos taken on the phone as well as those received by the phone. It recovers messages and activities from social media apps, and websites visited. When the phone is lost, it tracks the location of the phone via GPS, thus it is helpful in finding stolen and lost phones. It could also take pictures of the phones surroundings with its stealth camera.

DDI Utilities is one of the leading producers of data backup and recovery software. Having this software gives you an assurance that your important files and data are always safe. So better be prepared and have it installed on your device. Don’t wait for your device to be damaged, stolen or lost and get stressed when you cannot access your data the moment you needed it most. The software is a good investment considering the reason that when your device is lost or damaged you will buy another device and you will spend extra effort, time, money to create again another file or data, and worst of all you cannot have that photos and videos again taken during the most memorable events of your life.

Get to know more about the product that offers safe and secure environment to store personal and sensitive data and retrieve that data easily. It produces most advance and extensive software for best data recovery.