DDI Utilities is considered the ultimate backup and recovery software in the market today. Many have been using this software to recover lost or inaccessible data for a while now, and its users continue to grow in number every day. But what makes this innovative creation such a hit with people today? Let’s take a look at its features and uses that will benefit our lives.

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities is a data backup and recovery software that enables you to access data on a mobile device even if those data are deleted or inaccessible. No matter what the situation, this data management software will help you get your data back. It can save information from lost, stolen or damaged Android and Apple devices.

It is easily downloaded and installed in your device in just 3 easy steps.

  1. Install the software on the device you want to backup. No jailbreak needed for your iPhone.
  2. Select or add a backup. It can be from a local drive or an iCloud.
  3. Extract data. You can view it on your online account and you can choose which data to download.


This software is compatible with all devices and is very helpful in all situations. Its powerful features will help you get your data back in cases of lost or broken mobile devices.

  • It lets you access all messages on a device, both new and old or deleted ones.
  • It enables you to view contacts, call histories and lets you listen to voicemail.
  • Photos and videos as well as MMS can also be accessed with DDI Utilities.
  • You can also recover calendar entries, notes, app files and even saved games with this software.
  • GPS tracking with DDI Utilities can even help you track your cell phone if it gets lost or stolen.

These are only some of the features of DDI Utilities.


As a backup and recovery software, DDI Utilities will help you extract data from a lost, stolen or damaged phone. Most of us have, at one time at least, experienced having a lost or broken phone. And the frustration that follows after this experience is quite bad. Who would want to lose data we worked hard for? This is where DDI can help us most.

Damaged phones from falling, getting wet and so much more can lose all the data stored on it. This is also true for unsuccessful operating software updates. And losing your phone or having it stolen from you would result to the same.

It is better to be prepared and have DDI Utilities on your device than cry later on. Check this software out to know more about it and get it soon.