There is a new breed of “peer pressure” experienced by teenagers that only a trustworthy monitoring software like DDI Utilities can solve. I am basically talking about similar scenarios only that it is happening on the online world—or maybe not. Since it is a whole new different level of expectations on that uncanny life behind mobile screens, let us get to know more as we progress in writing.

New Breed of Peer Pressure Affects Teens

If you have not been fully aware of this new breed of digital peer pressure, as parents, you are missing a big part of what could be happening as your teenager utilizes the internet; social media engagements, to be specific. This could be something that has a crucial effect on her current state.

Based On The National focus on Habit and Drug Abuse (CASA) at Columbia College social networking is enjoying a job in teens’ choice to make use of medicines and booze. The scientists discovered:

  • 75-percent of teenagers stated viewing images of teenagers partying using booze or cannabis on social media websites inspired these to complete exactly the same.
  • forty-five percentage of teenagers stated they’ve observed these celebration-marketing images on-line, 47 pct of who stated that it appears as though the children within the images were getting a great time.
  • Teenagers who noticed pictures of partying were four-times more prone to purchased cannabis, significantly more than 3 times likelier to possess utilized booze and nearly 3 times more prone to purchased cigarettes.

This leads me to a conclusion that parents and guardians of these teenagers should primarily be hands-on in monitoring posts on social media sites where this digital peer pressure is happening. It is obvious how the vulnerability of this age group could lead to ill-fated decision making.

And what greater tool there is to settle a problem that requires use of digital devices and internet connectivity than an innovative approach which could only be done once the application is productively installed, agree?

DDI Utilities: An Extensive Data Running Software

Being of the finest data backup software, DDI Utilities can be parents’ partner(as it is with employers of companies on screening workers) in uncovering contents on Facebook, Twitter, etc. as to whether their teen is a victim of this digital peer pressure. Real-time transfer of data from teens to parents’ phone is very plausible feature.

Its features does not just stop there, as it enables monitoring of teens contacts, pictures, call histories, messages on texts, instant messengers, photos, videos, voicemail, calendar, notes, application files, and saved games.

Data Wiped Out! Monitoring Fail?

What sets DDI Utilities distinct from other monitoring software in the market is its dual capacity to access and recover data in any situation.

Cases that seem to be totally irresolvable like a damage phone that physically appears out of order with screen cracked and buttons dysfunctional, or accidentally restored factory settings which results to data wipe out.

It is not considered to be the best recovery software program with over a million users,for nothing. Reviews are concrete evidences!