DDI Utilities was purposely developed to being a company’s top data management software. It could be data from corporate given devices such as cell phone, tablet or computer. See the company website to have a better view of what it has to offer at a very budget-wise pricing at $29.99 payable monthly and cancellable anytime.

This specific software does not just work on company use alone, as it also caters parents wanting to monitor children’s mobile activities, but in this writing I would like to concentrate on its usefulness in relation to company operations.

Corporate Data Management: Big and Small Companies

Companies often times aim for a viable human resource but in as much as they want to instantly achieve it, modernization get in the way. I am basically talking about company given technological devices provided to workers for the sole purpose of corporate-related motives.

It may have helped some in their continuous innovation approach on business doings like online order, delivery and after sales services, but it is also the reason why some employees tend to slack during work hours intentionally losing focus on job that should be done because of easy access to entertainment brought by either of three mentioned high-tech equipment. Corporate phones being the most preferred tool provided to employees, not to mention nifty!

More often than not, in a usual company setting, the Human Resource Department partners with an IT expert to monitor corporate phone data done by employees. The use of video cameras, keycards and such-likes which is registered in a centralized account enables tracking of keystrokes, email (personal account included) and website browsing done in their respective workstations. It is admittedly costly though which is only advisable for big companies.

How about small-time or new companies who can barely afford such investigative (HR) stint? Well, the solution is a software that can access info like those cited above. Suggestively, DDI Utilities does remote monitoring of employees’ every action done using company-owned devices, in a discreet manner. I believe this kind of monitoring app does data secretion in a more detailed manner. Additionally, it functions as a data recovery software compatible with all android and apple devices. So given phone is stolen, lost or damaged, employers do not need to worry about important data put to waste because DDI Utilities got you covered all the way!

More Features of DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities expediently monitor employees’ untimely logs online. This may be something recreational like Facebook interactions (which everyone seem to be addicted with) or a serious illegal dealings with a competitor.

DDI Utilities allow data backup software collection from posts on social media accounts, conversations done via instant messenger, text messages, calls, GPS location, emails, down to browser history. So apart from data that are essential to the company’s throughput, it gives every employer ease as to how employees remain productive during work hours.