If you’re one of the millions of Americans who use their smartphone for personal and business transactions, then you definitely need a reliable data backup and recovery app. Yes, it is necessary because aside from sending text messages and making phone calls, you are also using your device to shop, transfer money, or send business emails, all of which can put your privacy in danger.

With a backup and recovery app, protecting your phone, confidential information, and your own safety doesn’t need to be time-consuming and expensive. Below are the other ways you can ensure the security of your device and all the data stored in it:

  • When shopping on your smartphone or computer, go to websites that use “https” in their URL. This type of URL means that the website is using a higher level of security. You want to shop only at reliable websites because online shopping always involves exchanging private information such as credit card numbers.
  • Make sure your phone is protected by a strong password. While it is bothersome to keep typing a number into your phone every time you use it, but this is one of the most effective ways to keep it protected. Losing your mobile phone is a big problem, but a bigger headache for you is when someone tries to access your information in it.
  • Do not allow automatic Internet connections. There are options in the settings of your smartphone where you can choose to automatically connect to any available Wi-Fi connection. You may want to be online all the time but there are so many connections out there that have poor security, which can put your device at risk. Disabling this option will ensure that none of your data is transmitted without your consent.
  • There are so many emails and social media requests you will receive from unknown and suspicious senders or sources. Avoid clicking any link that does not look familiar to you, and do not accept invitations from people you don’t know. Cyber criminals are using these tactics to get access to their victims’ confidential information.
  • Always check privacy settings on mobile phone apps. There are some apps that will require a lot of information before they can be downloaded and installed. If you feel that you are being asked to give information that aren’t relevant to the app you want to install, then you should deny access.
  • Use a backup and recovery app. Not everyone agrees that having a backup tool for their cell phone is necessary. With a reliable app like DDI Utilities, you can rest assured that you will always have access to all your data in your device anytime and anywhere. Using this software, you won’t have to lose any of your mobile content in any way.