With DDI Utilities in one’s device, you’ll be able to secure your data and protect your personal or business files and documents. We take pictures and  videos using our cell phone or smartphone and save it in the device. We use our smartphone as digital planner or schedule reminder. We download applications for productivity, entertainment or educational and install in our cell phone. Things change faster and lifestyle becomes fast paced. Along with this modernization is the development and more advancement of technology.

The Need to Secure Corporate Data

In the workplace where companies wanted to secure their business operation and maintain good productivity, technology is always present in every aspect of its operation. The most vital part of having the technology in the corporate world is to secure data created and stored in the system. Finance operation, customer assistance or product marketing can be done online and requires data needed for smooth sailing business transactions.

Install Data Backup and Recovery App

By having a data backup and recovery app installed in office equipments and devices, it creates backup copy of all files and documents and makes all information ready for retrieval when needed. In cases where data becomes inaccessible, hardware becomes malfunction, or device is lost or stolen, all data can still be retrieved. The software is a cost saving tool that could relieve employers from stress. With the ability of the software to track down location, when the device is lost it can be retrieved by tracing its location via GPS.

Monitoring Employees in the Workplace

The software further extracts all information from the device such as messages, calls, schedules, social media activities and websites visited. Employees assigned in the field can be monitored by tracking down location and keeping updated with their field operations. Employees’ work performance in the office can also be checked by monitoring their work progress. Customer support can be checked whether the employee assigned is assisting well the clients and further know feedbacks of their operation. Having a backup and recovery app in your company does not only secure your data but also monitor productivity and work performance.

DDI Utilities is a software made to create safe and secure environment to all data created and saved in a device. It is a product made from technological advances to backup and recover data.