A data backup and recovery software is a powerful tool in protecting and securing important personal or corporate data. Installed in any device such as computer, laptop or smartphone, the software has become popular with its ability to extract all information from the device and automatically backs up all data and conditionally updates information when changes occur. It has also the ability to retrieve lost information when device gets hardware malfunction or encounter malware trouble.

The products of technology has been our help in making our chores easily and conveniently done. It brought a lot of useful tools and instrument to help us cope with todays busier and faster lifestyle. The software can be utilized by parents to monitor their children and by company owners to protect their business.

How the Software Work?

Can be installed in any device like a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or a cell phone, the software called DDI Utilities is created to provide safe environment for all your digital records and files. It is best recommended for business companies in keeping corporate data accessible all the time and avoid being lost from the system. Records and files kept in the office might be ruined and physically destroyed when natural calamity occurs like flood or fire. Providing a soft copy is a good idea. In cases when the hard drive is damaged or the file is corrupted by a virus, data becomes inaccessible unless you have provided a backup copy. Installing the application is cost efficient and time-saving.

Functions as a Monitoring Application

Parents can now check on their children’s mobile and online activity with DDI Utilities. As it backs up data from the device, it also extracts all information including text and voice conversations, photos and videos, location of the device, online activities and social media interactions.

In a business company, employers can use the application to monitor work progress of employees. When installed in a computer used by employees, the application allows the administration to view all work done from the device used by the employee. It’s purpose is to increase production by ensuring company hours is used for work related activities.

It can also be used to monitor location of employees doing field related activities to keep track work accomplishment and provide back up if needed by the employee.

The best backup and recovery software offers security and protection not only to the hardware but also to the data stored in the device. It is a must have software for all who do not want to experience regrets when a copy of an important file is lost.