Is it possible to monitor text messages from a cell phone from your own device? This is a very common question among people who find themselves in a situation where they feel it is necessary to monitor a cell phone. The most commonly asked questions are:

  1. Do I need to install software to the device?
  2. Will the person know that they are being monitored?
  3. Will I be able to see the exact text message that was sent to received?
  4.  Will I get to see who  the text messages sent to?
  5. Will I get to see who the text message is from?

DDI Utilities text message monitoring software is a remarkably easy program to use. It is one of the only monitoring apps that can be completely set up in less than one minute. That means in less than one minute, you could be monitoring text messages from your own device

With DDI Utilities, you will be able to see every text message that is sent, or received from the target phone, directly on your own phone. Once the application is set up text messages will start being sent to you within just a few minutes.  You will be able to see the complete message that was sent, or received. You’ll see the telephone number it was sent to, or received from. If the recipient or sender of the text is in the contact list of the phone you are monitoring, you will be able to see the persons name the text messages are being sent to, or received from. It’s like having their phone on your phone.

DDI utilities works by establishing a remote connection between the cell phone you are monitoring and our secure servers. Every time data is transmitted to or from the phone and exact copy of that data is also transmitted to our service. Once it is transmitted to our servers it is stored into your secure account, which is set up upon purchase of the program. All you have to do is log into your secure online account and see every text message that was sent and received from the target phone. All of this can be done from your own device, however, in order to do this, you must first install the DDI app to the phone you want to recover data from.

In addition to monitoring text messages, DDI utilities will also get you call logs, GPS location (within 50 feet of the actual location of the device), photos, videos, Facebook messages (device must be rooted), contacts, browser history and just about everything else that happens on the phone.  An interesting aspect about DDL utilities is that it will continue to collect data even if the cell phone has been turned off. If a cell phone has been turned off in a text messages sent to that phone, the text messages actually set to a queue. Once the cell phone is turned on the queue is released in the text messages sent to the phone. Once this text messages sent to the phone it will become available to you. Many other programs on the market do not offer this capability, so if a text message a central foam on the phone is off the phone will receive the text message but you will not.

DDI Utilities will also record deleted text messages as well. Many times someone may send or receive a text message that is of great importance or that they do not want anyone else to see. If this message is deleted it can be retrieved by DDI and uploaded to your account. It is important to note that not all deleted text messages can be retrieved, but most can. Think of it this way, a cell phone works very much like a computer. When a piece of information is deleted, it is not actually deleted from the device itself but rather it is marked as “nonexistent”. That piece of data will remain available on the phone until it is overwritten by another piece of data. Until it is overwritten, it can be retrieved by DDI and made available to you. This again is a unique feature of DDI that no other cell phone monitoring program and text message monitoring app offers.