Is DDI Utilities really effective in recovering data? Many people have become quite skeptical when it comes to recovery software because of the many different brands and versions that have been coming out in the online market. You tend to ask, “Are we getting out money’s worth?” Let’s delve deeper into this amazing software that is quite helpful to many people from different walks of life.

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities is a trusted data backup and recovery software in the online community. It is the ultimate backup utility for both Android and Apple devices and is actually pretty easy to install and use. Even your non-tech savvy parents won’t have any difficulty using it.

  • How is DDI Utilities installed?
  • For Apple devices you don’t need to jailbreak the target iPhone, you will only need to:
  1. Enter the Apple ID and password of the phone you want to recover data from.
  2. DDI will then retrieve all the data from the device and upload it to your control panel.
  3. Log in to your control panel with the details from the confirmation email and you can view the data recovered.
  • For Android devices, you will need to:
  1. Download the software into the device you want to backup. This will only take a couple of minutes.
  2. Enter the license key provided and DDI will start backing up data into your control panel.
  3. Log in to your control panel to see the retrieved data.

This is how easy it is to install and use DDI. From your control panel, which is simply designed for ease of use, you can choose the data you want to see and download it into another device or storage.

What Data Does DDI recover?

Almost all lost and inaccessible data can be recovered from both Android and Apple devices by DDI, the best backup and recovery software. Specifically, these are:

  • Messages
  • MMS
  • Contacts
  • Call histories
  • Voicemail
  • Pictures, photos and videos
  • Calendar entries
  • Notes
  • App files
  • Saved games

All these data can be recovered from lost, stolen and broken or damaged devices. It may even help you track your lost or stolen phone. Because in today’s digital world, cell phones are quite indispensable. You will never know what kind of important data you can lose from your device. It’s all good, though, since DDI is at your service. And, it is quite safe to say that DDI is a very effective data recovery software. Visit them now for more information.