Invest on data backup and data recovery software to your business and it will save you from future business problems. Have a worry free business transactions with DDI Utilities, your partner in building your business. It is a software created to provide secure environment to your data as it backs up your important personal and professional files, and at the same time making it retrievable.

How the Software is Installed in a Device?

DDI Utilities is installed in an office device thru purchase from a reliable product provider. Look for a source that provides comprehensive information on product’s use, advantages, reviews, and support. Choose a product that is compatible with any Android or Apple device. After purchase, an email containing username, password, download link, and license key is emailed to the user. Simply follow the instruction on how to successfully download the software. Activate it using the license key or by entering a cell phone’s number. After the software is activated, the user can start using it by logging in to any device such as computer, laptop, or cell phone that will serve as a control panel.

How the Software Works for Backup and Recovery?

The software backs up all data from the device, making it safe and available for recovery when hardware gets damaged, lost or stolen, or when data is corrupted by a software virus. With the data backup software, a file is protected and kept secured.

As all files are being secured with a backup copy, when the data becomes inaccessible the software makes all information from the device available and retrievable. The software can extract all information of the device such as data created and saved in a computer or laptop for office and business transactions. It can extract text messages, call histories, phone contacts, photos and videos, emails and voicemails, applications downloaded including social media apps, website visited, and saved games.

Monitoring and Tracking Function

With its ability to view all activities done in a device, the software can be used by the employers to review all activities by the employees done in the computer or online. It can monitor work progress and measure productivity at work.

When installed in a cell phone used by employees for work related functions, the software makes the device available to be tracked down via GPS. DDI Utilities enables tracking of location of employees on field work or delivery jobs.

DDI Utilities makes life easier by avoiding future hassles and work related problems as it offers a reliable data backup and recovery software. Works effectively for officer to secure data and monitor work productivity.