The ultimate backup and data recovery software, DDI Utilities, is a hit to both students and professionals alike. Even people who want some data on someone can do it with DDI. But why do students and working people install DDI on their phones? What does it do?

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities is a data management software that helps people access and recover data in any situation. It is a very helpful software in today’s digital world where people make use of their mobile phones for almost everything.

Cell phones today are used for a variety of purposes and not only for communication. People use these little pieces of technology for their work, studies, and leisure. And everything done with your phone is also saved on it. Some people forget or just don’t bother to backup all saved data in their device and get frustrated if they lost these important files. This is why DDI Utilities was created.

When is DDI Helpful?

Being the best backup and recovery software, DDI will help you get your data back in case you lost it. This is pretty helpful if you lost your phone or if someone stole it from you. You can even track your phone’s location with DDI and get it back. But if you don’t, DDI will help you recover everything on it, even saved games.

DDI will also help you get back data if you damaged your phone, like when you dropped it and it gets broken. If it doesn’t work anymore, don’t worry because DDI will get all your data back. The same goes for when your phone restores to its factory settings and deletes everything. This happens when your operating software update fails. All is good, though, if you got DDI installed since it will retrieve everything even those you already deleted.

These features of DDI will also help you get data from another mobile device as long as you installed it on the said device. This is quite useful for parents who want to monitor their children’s phone activity.

How to install DDI

This data backup and recovery software  is installed in three easy steps.

  1. Install the software on the device you want to backup.
  2. Select backup from a local drive or iCloud or add a new backup.
  3. Extract data and view it on your account.

It’s this easy. And using DDI is easier because of its user-friendly set-up.