Secure your data and other important files saved in your device with DDI Utilities.It is a software designed to backup files and recover the files in case the device is inaccessible due to physical damage or corrupted by a virus. To save your company from losing important data, have your computers, laptop, and other office devices protected by data backup and data recovery software. Apple and Android devices can also be protected by DDI Utilities.

Backs Up and Recovers Data

The data backup software could back up contacts, call histories, iMessages, text messages, MMS, voicemail, saved games and all applications in the device. With Android devices, it could backup the same features except for the iMessages.

The software recovers data for iPhone devices by logging in to the device using Apple ID and a password. The software will then back up the data from the device and upon log in to a control panel you can recover and view the data. With Android devices, data are recovered by downloading the software to the device and activate using the license key and the data will be backed up. Log in to your control panel and start and you can view all recovered data.

What the Software Can Do?

The software has a lot to offer with your data to make life easier. Your important business presentations stored in your desktop, laptop, smartphones and other devices can be lost the moment your device is stolen or damaged. The files in your device can be inaccessible when corrupted bya bug or virus. All files are important for personal and business transactions, and to avoid getting stressed with a lost data, install DDI Utilities to your laptop or computer. When you have installed the software in your device and upon accidentally deleted your favorite photos, you can still recover it with the data recovery software.

It can be useful for office purposes to protect data for business transactions saved in the office computers and other devices. While the data is backed up, the recovery feature downloads the data and can be viewed in your control panel. You avoid losing important corporate files and save your company from any problem.

DDI Utilities is a software to protect your important data saved in your device. With its data backup and recovery features, all your data and other files are provided a backup copy and downloaded to your control panel that are ready for recovery all the time. Know more about DDI Utilities and its unique features.