Have you, in any ways, heard about DDI Utilities? Or generally came across articles online about any monitoring software? If not, then brace yourself! Are you a working parent who worries whenever child is away from your supervision or a boss who sees the need to monitor workers’ productivity in the workplace believing that human resource can make or break a company’s success? If yes, then here is something for you!

Everything you need to know about one of the highly recommended and guaranteed reliable software, that is DDI Utilities having been positively reviewed, blogged or talked about by half a million of its users!

What is DDI Utilities?

DDI Utilities is the only software that does two important things: data recovery software and backup utility! You can forget about looking for a separate software that would recover lost mobile data because this app does both!

Its compatibility extends to all android and apple devices. It is offered only at a reasonable price of $29.99 (per month) thus becoming a preferred monitoring alternative.Compared to hiring a professional detective, DDI Utilities is every budget-conscious’ choice in attaining information that could be used as a basis for future restrictions or even prevention to anticipated troubles.

Who Can Use DDI Utilities?

Let us go back to its primary market: business owners and parents. It is quite obvious that the reviews were almost entirely made by these two convinced market.

Business owners see to it that their workforce is in strict compliance with company rules as per using mobile phones during duty calls is concerned. Also, monitoring company devices used by workers in client dealings done via email, SMS or instant messaging or phone calls.

Parents on the other hand have been pleased as to how detailed data backup software is. Even deleted messages received and made by their children is still accessible. More importantly every content found on social networking sites that kids are so addicted with.

Legalities on Its Usage

There remains to be a debate about legalities of DDI Utilities and all the rest monitoring software. If you try to narrow down on the manner of monitoring, it may suggest being unethical as even the littlest detail of a target’s mobile activity is being monitored. But companies behind it advise users to practice the method of explaining the reason behind the usage prior doing.

Say, parents should first let their children be aware that downloadable software to monitor their mobiles will be used and how it would be beneficial for both. Business owners should include it on their company rules that company devices are to be monitored during work hours or in cases with prior notice.