The ultimate data extractor and backup utility DDI Utilities, is proven to be one of the best data management software there is today. Many consumers have become very skeptical about these monitoring apps due to the advent of numerous of these software in the market. But because people want to be safe than sorry, they use these software on their phones to keep their data safe and retrievable in case something un­­­foreseen happens to their phones.

Why Choose DDI Utilities

Many DDI Utilities reviews considered it as a top data recovery software. It can not only monitor a person’s activity on a phone and can be used for private investigation but it can also successfully recover data that one may thought to be already lost and can never get back. It is quite useful for persons who lost their phones or got it stolen from them, or even for broken phones. What’s more is that it can be used to track and get back lost or stolen phones. It is the phone these days that carry the most important data of a person, after all. Being handy and easily managed, people not only use their phones for communication purposes, they also use it for research and other online activity and as storage for all data needed in their everyday endeavor.

Features of DDI

DDI Utilities was created with the protection of consumers in mind. Important data is quite easily saved on our mobile devices and carried everywhere we go. But what happens when our phones get damaged? With no backup of our stored data? That would be very unfortunate.

Don’t fret, though. DDI is here to retrieve inaccessible data from lost and damaged phones. It can even be used to monitor others. Here are some of its features.

  • Compatible with all Android and Apple devices
  • No jailbreak needed with iPhones
  • Can access and recover messages, contacts, call history, emails, photos, videos, browser history, social media activity, and real-time phone diagnostics such as battery life and WiFi connection.
  • Can retrieve real-time GPS location of a phone
  • Has stealth camera which can take pictures of the phone’s surroundings

Although DDI cannot retrieve messages from Viber on iPhone, it is still, generally, one of the best utility apps out there. And for only $19.99/month, you can never go wrong with DDI. It even has a trial period with complete features that consumers can try for free. Visit DDI Utilities review if you are still not convinced.