A surefire application that is DDI Utilities has revolutionized human resource’s way of monitoring employees’ productivity in and outside of the workplace. It has practically solved issues arising from technological influences in general. What could have been the worst case scenario was instantly aided by a downloadable app that is not as costly compared to traditional surveillance systems; evident with numerous consumers increasing in number, to date. What makes it even more investment worthy is its far-reaching capabilities and how detailed information is extracted straight from the activities done by workers’ themselves using corporate phones or desktop.

Instances When Work Ethics Are Compromised

Work is not only limited inside the office especially when firms are said to have employees working on field. But be it in or elsewhere, typically, employees provide company phones/devices for easier communication and reporting via email or calls. But despite such grants, there will always be instances wherein labor forces tend to abuse utilization. Despite knowing its sole purpose, the temptation of unnecessary usage will remain untamed especially when backup software is not concretely felt. Here are examples of situations of compromised work ethics due to technology:

  • In between task accomplishment, an employee secretly logs in for “five minutes only” on social media websites to check unrelated to work messages and notifications
  • Answers personal calls that lasts for more than 30 minutes
  • Does “sexting”
  • Invalidly answers email from competitors trading company secrets
  • Does video streaming while doing work tasks on desktop

These are all happening on different firms that are basically why they too, capitalize in DDI Utilities because it can provide as is evidences unlike the ample info from CCTV systems.

How is DDI Different From Others

DDI is an application that is cheap and quality all in one. It extensively works as a monitoring tool, backup and recovery software for all Apple and Android phones, tablets and devices. Its price is very much appealing; for only $29.99 monthly without upgrade fees, employers enjoy remote and real-time workforce surveillance. It is able to access GPS location, emails, messages (online and offline), browser history, web searches, and calls; not to mention retrieve even the most inaccessible of data due to device or software damage or that intentionally deleted by employees trying to hide misuse during work hours. It has always been fail-safe which makes it  top choice of anyone who has monitoring needs.