The best application one can rely on is the DDI Utilities that aims to create safe and secure environment for personal and professional data. It is commonly used by companies to secure their important company data, transactions and employees’ records. Even private individuals take pride in using the software. It secures their data stored and created in their laptop or smartphone.

Protect Company Data

The dominant feature of DDI Utilities is to backup and recover data. As backup software it creates and stores copy of the original file or record that cannot be erased or deleted from the system. Even if the device is damaged or lost, the data is capable of being retrieved as the recovery software works on it. It retrieves all backed up data through extracting all information from the device. In cases where data is corrupted by a virus, or the device is stolen, it is still possible to have the data exactly the same as what you have originally done and last saved in the device. The power of technology can be a good investment to companies who trusted the software.

Can Be Used to Gather Important Information

If you are trying to retrieve data from the computer or laptop, the software will extract all information of that device such as files and documents created in the device. In cases where you installed the software in a smartphone or cell phone, you will gather all information such as text messages, phone contacts, voice conversations, emails and voicemails, schedules and notes, photos and videos, websites browsed, online games played, social media platforms, and other downloaded applications and online activities.

Parents use that feature to monitor their children’s cell phone activities like texting and calling. Internet usage is also monitored and execute rules in proper usage of device and internet. Employers use the software to locate employees assigned on field and monitor their work progress. This also allows employees to see where their employees are and if they are in the right location. Lastly, it serves as protection of employees from dangers since they are being tracked down. In cases of danger, assistance and help can be sent right away.

DDI Utilities is a reliable software for data backup and recovery. It is a product of technological advances that reveals how technology can be advantageous to every user. Created to extract information from a device, it then saves important data from getting lost.