We are in a digital world where virtual assistance like DDI Utilities software has become favorable to our personal and professional dealings. We have been in those years where computer works are commonly stored in a diskette, then came the usb, and now by a software which becomes easier to use and faster to operate. Its being a software makes it insusceptible to physical damage. With the software installed in your device your data are backed up and recovered any time. It is useful for parents and employers by making them save time in monitoring their children and business.

Monitor Children at School

Working parents can worry less of coming and going to and fro just to check if their children are safe when they cannot be with them most of the time. When children are at school and you are worried if they are in a safe place, or who are their friends and what do they usually do. For parents with teenagers who show misbehavior, the software can be helpful to monitor their mobile activities such as reading the text messages and chat, and listening to voice conversations.

Monitor Office and Business Productivity

A company can use the software to check on the employees’ computer and mobile activities. With the software installed in a device, a computer can be monitored if the employee is doing his or her job or if he or she is just updating Facebook status or Instagram. The text messages can also be monitored to know if your employees are planning something that is not beneficial to the company. Aside from the software can backup all your data and retrieve it when the computer is damaged it also serves as a way to measure employees productivity and work behavior.

Backup and Recovery of the Data

The DDI backup software could back up features like contacts, call logs, iMessages, text messages, MMS, voicemail, saved games and applications. It could also back up the same features for Android devices except for the iMessages.

Its recovery software works for iPhones by logging in to the device you want to back up by using an Apple ID and a password. The data are then backed up and recovered from the device and uploaded to your control panel which are ready to be viewed using your logins provided to your email. Data from your Android devices are recovered by downloading first the software to the device and enter the license key. The software will back up the data and you can view all recovered data by logging in to your control panel.

Choose DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities provides a software that recovers virtually any data on a mobile device and even those data which has been deleted. A great product to monitor a phone or a device. To know more of a backup and recovery software that bests provide secure and protected storage visit this site.