With the triumph of modern tracking activities, DDI Utilities is the best partner that can help companies and families. Modern technologies have created softwares and applications that create convenience in the modern world. We seek help and assistance from technology to finish our tasks and accomplish our activities. The software can be installed in a computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. We became comfortable and able to fit in a busy and fast paced lifestyle. With softwares like DDI Utilities, we are grateful of our daily achievements.

Protects Company Data

Company files and records are important data with information about the company, employees and business transactions. Hard copies are required to be kept but it is also best kept as soft data. Having your data protected by a software makes you feel secure that your business is in good hands. As it functions as data backup and recovery software, it provides backup copy to the original file and makes it ready for retrieval. It can recover inaccessible data corrupted by a virus, or a data when the device is lost or stolen.  Install the software and it creates safe and secure environment for your data.

Secures Children’s Safety

Families can benefit from the software with its feature that extracts all information from the device. These information’s are text messages, call histories, gallery, emails and voicemails, calendars and notes, downloaded applications, browsers visited, and location of the device. Parents will know who send text messages to their kids and be able to recognize if they attract danger. It is also their way of knowing who their children’s friends are. Parents are also able to protect their children from negative effects of too much exposure to gadgets and devices. Children will be protected when parents and adults supervise their mobile and online activities.

Tracks Down GPS Location

When parents wanted to look for their children, they track down exact location of their children. Via GPS, exact location is located. Employers also use the software to monitor employees assigned in product delivery or employees conducting research or doing door to door product testing or sale. This method is helpful to the company in checking employee’s work at the same time securing safety and providing fast response when in need of backup or assistance.

DDI Utilities is a backup and recovery software created to provide safe and secure environment to important personal and professional data. It is a brand that creates reliable product and deliver good quality service.