For your data protection, DDI Utilities has been a proven provider of software that secures data storage and makes all information available for retrieval. It has now been used by companies and start-up business establishments to avoid losing data in cases when hardware is damaged, presence of computer virus, or device is lost.

DDI Utilities as Data Backup Tool

Company owners now invest in Data backup software to create backup copy of files and documents made for business operations. Company documents, files for business operations, employees’ files, data from online transactions, are examples of data that the company should not lose. When you have a software that automatically creates copy of all data in your devices, you are assured you cannot lost your data. Being in a corporate world requires technology tools that can provide convenience and efficiency in business operations.

DDI Utilities as Data Recovery Tool

When office data are inaccessible there is a way to recover it. With the Data recovery software, when the device is lost or stolen, or hardware is damaged,all information from the device is extracted. Information such as messages, chat conversations, voice calls, emails and voicemails, websites visited, locations of the device and downloaded applications are retrieved and extracted from the device. Having the software in your office devices used by personnels can check employees’ work progress and performance.

Application of DDI Utilities in the Workplace

DDI Utilities can be used to track down employees assigned on field activities. It traces locations via GPS. It then allows backup and sending assistance to field employees when they needed it. Inside the workplace, the software is used to monitor activities done in the device to measure productivity and work performance. Employers will be able to check who among the employees perform well and use company devices properly. It is also the administrator’s way of verifying employee’s misbehavior. The software indeed protects not just the corporate data but also the company’s operation as well.

Being able to secure your data makes your business operations smooth sailing. Avoid stress and pressure in your company. Find ways to improve productivity and work performance of your employees. Strengthen your control system and customer support.

DDI Utilities is a reliable provider of data backup and recovery software. It is a dependable brand that provides safe and secure environment to your data and all information created and stored in a device.