Companies like DDI Utilities have made it a point to create an app that backs up and restores lost information on your mobile device. Your mobile phone perhaps contains some of the most private and sensitive information about you. Hence, it is just normal to resort to various apps which can secure the optimum function of your phone in case the unexpected happens. With this tool, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your phone’s data is in a secure location you can access anytime.

When the Unfortunate Thing Happens

Since almost every function is being done with the use of a mobile phone, there might be instances when the device gets damaged or broken and some important files gets deleted during this process. A data backup and recovery app can help you fetch lost data from your device with ease.

What are some instances where you can use the app?

  • Your phone got wet and the device gets damaged. Soaked yourself under the rain and forgot to secure your phone along the process? The app can help you retrieve information from your phone especially when the system becomes faulty. Make sure your device is completely dry before attaching it to its USB cable.
  • You accidentally dropped your phone and its screen got cracked and some phone functions don’t operate normally as before.
  • You accidentally deleted some files on your phone and there’s no way to retrieve them on your device. The app can recall deleted information from your phone with ease.
  • You pressed the reset button and all information was wiped out.
  • Your SD card was corrupted and you want to retrieve lost files right away.
  • Your phone caught a virus. Having a backup and recovery app can help restore data that has been lost due to the presence of viruses or malware.
  • You accidentally cleared your notes and calendar details.
  • You abruptly stopped transmission of files to another device and the data got lost along the way. Due to battery issues, your phone got battery drained and files eventually vanished and got damaged.
  • You want to check all current and deleted information from a phone to gather details and facts. You can run the app on another phone and use it for the purpose of monitoring someone and learning more about the past mobile history of that person.
  • In the case of company phones, this function can help monitor the activities of employees and find out if certain policies and information were breached.

DDI Utilities offer phone backup and recovery functions for its users. The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices.