Big companies have been using DDI Utilities as data recovery and data backup software in securing their company data. It is a software also made for start-up companies as their initial investment to secure their new business venture. Data is as important as the devices and equipments used in the company. When a device is damaged it can be repaired or replaced through purchase without undergoing complicated process. But when a data is inaccessible, you will start allover again and cannot purchase the same. To avoid being stressed out from finding solution on how to retrieve a lost data, DDI Utilities is the answer.

What Is DDI Utilities

It is a data backup and data recovery software made to provide safe and secure environment to office documents, important files, or personal data stored and created in a computer, cell phone, laptop or tablet. It is a software that function to provide backup copy of the data and extract all information from a device to make it retrievable.

Tracks Down Location of the Device

It can also be used to secure your hardware by tracking down location of a device when it is lost or stolen. Via GPS, the exact location is determined and viewed in a map, making it easily retrieved and located.

Extracts All Information From the Device

The software initially creates backup of the original documents and files stored in the device. Company data such as online transactions, employees’ files, and other work related documents are done in computers or laptop to facilitate and complete a business transaction. These are important documents intended to support business activities. These data have hard copies but modern business companies implement and practice paperless transactions to upgrade their work standard.

As it extracts all data of a device like a cellphone, information such as phone contacts, text messages, call histories, emails, voicemails, gallery, and all downloaded and saved applications are retrieved. With its function, it can be used as a tracking tool or a monitoring device. It can be installed in a computer or laptop used by an employee to monitor work performance and productivity of employees.

Use a software with a secure account by having DDI Utilities installed in your device. It is a reputable brand of data backup and recovery software that best protects your data and your device.