DDI Utilities has been the software choice of adults against online dating fraud, internet romance scam, or whatever you call it. Hearing it sounds lame but this is no laughing matter especially that it has risked human lives. A great number of its victims are teenagers, being the most susceptible to this saddening reality.

Unmistakably, DDI Utilities has proven its worth evident on reviews made by parent. The link will take you to different writings or user statements, mostly positive, about the software.

Meanwhile, I will be reiterating how it works as monitoring software with the inclusions of a blunt manifestation about internet romance and how can a parent, in particular, save teens before it is too late.

What is Online Dating Fraud?

Online dating fraud in its simplest form is any romance that is happening online over a two complete strangers who has not met each other in person. It has made use of emoticons for expressing feelings and instant messengers for constant conversations which includes voice / video chatting.

But just to steer clear from generalizing romantic involvements online, not all of it are bad. A hopeless romantic can stumble upon ‘the one’ halfway around the world, decide to meet each other in person, exchange vows, build a family and live happily ever after!

However, one cannot deny the fact those incidents of disappointing internet unions recounted to the authorities are unfortunately increasing. Worst case scenario—murder during meet-ups is involved. Especially with the predominance of the infamous social networking site, Facebook, the danger of such phenomenon is more felt.

It usually begins with a casual chat hook-up which eventually leads to sweet-talking between two foreign personalities continently distant from each other; to the point of romanticizing everything calling themselves “lovers” as time passes.

How to Track Perpetrators of Online Dating Fraud?

Perpetrators tend to fabricate personal information, photos and contact they use online. They have close to fictional stories about their background and all that. It is likely that parents who have teens participating in romantic involvements will get hold of teenagers mobile and scan chat messages in search for possible perpetrators. Conversely this is one creepy way to do so, prompting invasion of personal space.

An innovative approach is to use a monitoring app like DDI Utilities to view every detail of teen’s online doings from your own device. Since info collected from online chat room messengers are remotely reported to parents’ mobile. If in case your teen intentionally deletes conversations, DDI Utilities can retrieve in an instant as it also works as a recovery software compatible on apple and all android devices.

If you want to know more about more on features of this data backup software, visit their website!