It is only every so often that you can stumble upon a data recovery app that actually works and does all it claim to do. That’s DDI for you, a data recovery software that gives you access to and retrieves data in any situation. Have you ever been in a situation where you just lost all data you worked hard for? Or maybe you just want to gather data for a little personal detective work? Either way, DDI does the job for you.

What does DDI do?

Data management software, DDI Utilities, is the leading data extractor and backup utility for all Android and Apple devices today. What does it really do? Here’s a low down on this amazing app’s features.

You can easily recover all lost data on Android phones because it works on all operating software versions. DDI for Android enables you to get back data such as:

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • call history
  • multimedia messages with photos and videos
  • voicemail logs
  • apps
  • saved games

All these can be done with just 3 easy steps:

1.) download the software onto the device

2.) enter the license key to begin backup of information from the device

3.) log into your control panel to see extracted data

As a data backup app for Apple devices, DDI works well with all iPhone models and iOS versions. It can help you retrieve data like:

  • contacts
  • iMessages
  • call logs
  • text messages
  • MMS
  • Apps
  • saved games

It doesn’t even need your phone for it to be used. You will only need to provide the Apple ID and password of the device you want to backup data from. DDI will then start the recovery process and upload it on your account. Access the gathered data by logging in to your control panel. It’s that easy.

When can DDI help?

DDI Utilities can be a life saver in cases of lost data from broken or damaged devices, factory reset, accidental deletion, failed iOS update and even from stolen phones.

What sets DDI apart from other Recovery Apps?

Why would you make use of DDI?

Firstly, because it is a software that works and gives you the results you need. It is more powerful than the usual backup software.

Second, it can easily be used. There are only three steps required. You don’t even need access to you iPhone if you want to backup data on it.

Third, for only $19.99/month, you get your money’s worth. It even comes with a free trial period for you to evaluate its features before getting the app.

Sounds good? Visit DDI to know more about this remarkable product.