For the past years, data protection methods have been strengthened where data backup software and recovery tools were created to meet new application requirements of databases. In a so-called data-centric world, organizations and agencies collect large amount of data for precise and accurate business transactions and entity’s decisions.

The Big Amount of Data Produced and Stored in a Database

Dealing with vast amount of data from various sources, the delivery of information are processed in a competitive manner and should not limit on traditional database approaches. What is common and popular in the modern world are social media platforms, mobile devices, softwares and applications which produces large data, resulting to various new database systems deployed on hardwares. Big amount of data contains either personal or professional information for company or organization and requires approaches and tools for preserving and protecting created and stored data.

The Paradigm Shift of Data Protection Method

There is a paradigm shift with regards to applications being utilized in data protection solutions. From limited data protection capabilities to a redesigned technology for backup and recovery solutions, the advent of modern technology has brought advancement to data protection requirements. Traditional backup tools used shared storage but fall short in addressing backup requirements of distributed databases where it find very large amount of data challenging for backup and recovery actions.Data protection requirements in a form of data backup and data recovery software have to be prioritized to avoid risks of losing data due to hardware damage or human error. The breakthrough of modern technology has brought change to lifestyle and career that every user has adopted.

The Future of Data Protection Technology

In the coming years, companies and organizations are expected to redefine data protection tools and methods to meet the requirements of future applications. In looking into technological tools, we look into big data being distributed to multiple servers instead of being stored in a massive server displaying flexibility and accommodate more petabytes. To preserve personal or business information and insights, organizations are required to adopt data protection with replication capability and point-in-time backups.More accurate and precise technology are expected to be discovered and innovated to produce more sophisticated software or application.

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