When your important files are stored in your cell phone and you lost your device, all you need is a backup and recovery software.It is also a great help for parents to monitor their children’s cell phone activities. A business company can install the software to the computers, company cell phones and other devices in the office primarily for data backup and recovery as well as to keep track employees’ work. With this software all information in the company’s computer used by employees for work can all be tracked and monitor to make sure all their activities are work related. The text messages recovered from the cell phone provided by the company for office transactions can be used to gather evidence for employees with suspicious behavior. It extracts and recovers data from any device. The software is also compatible with Apple and Android devices, and requires no jailbreak for iPhone.

Works with Apple and Android Devices

DDI Utilities iPhone Extractor and Android Extractor both backs up and recovers data that could be inaccessible in case something happens to your device. For iPhones, it can back up features like contacts, call history, iMessages, text messages, MMS, voicemail, saved games and applications. Android devices can do the same except for the iMessages feature.

How Lost Data is Recovered

To recover your lost data, for iPhones, login to the device that you want to backup your data through Apple ID and password. Data backup and recovery software then recovers and backs up all data from the device and upload it to the control panel. View all the data recovered using your login that is provided by the product provider and was sent to your email. For Android devices it works by downloading the software to the device and entering the license key. The software will start to backup all information from the device. Now you can login to your control panel and view all data recovered.

Purchase the Data Backup and Recovery Software

DDI Utilities is a software provider that ensures robust and secure place to store your data from your devices and in an advance technology recovers the data in case something happens to your device. A safe and secure storage for your data to provide users a hassle free personal and business transactions. Have it installed in your devices as precautionary measure before you lost your data.