If you’ve ever lost or broken your phone or iPad, deleted something important, or experienced a failed iOS update, then you know the pain and frustration that comes with losing all of the files, images, contacts and data—especially if you never backed it all up.

Everyone’s phone has died on them at some point—just like their computers. There’s nothing quite like the stress of A) Realizing how much stuff you lost. B) Having to go and get a new device. And C) Having to reload or rebuy everything that was on those machines. Well, now you can cut down on two of those pains by doing one simple thing: install a high quality data backup program on your phone.

One of the best data backup systems is DDI Utilities Extractor and Data Recovery Software. Available for iPhone and iPads or Android devices, this highly rated software program will help you retrieve any and all files that you’ve lost to theft, damage, accidental factory reset, or odd system update that shuts you out.

If your iPhone broke and you lost all of your contacts, texts, saved games, calendar events, data files and more, DDI Utilities can help you get them all back—if you installed the program ahead of time. Same goes if it happened to your iPad or iPod Touch. And ditto for your Android phone—the software program works with all versions of iOS 6 and up. All it takes is a few easy steps and then you can be on your way to getting your entire life back in order.

Did you lose that treasured picture of you and your grandmother from last Christmas? DDI can help you get it back. Forgot when your follow-up interview was for the big job you wanted and now it’s gone because your calendar was wiped out? DDI is here to the rescue. Did you reset the parental restrictions passwords on both of your kids’ iPads and then completely forgot them? DDI has got your back.

DDI Utililities Extractor and Data Recovery Software has assisted over 2.5 million people in recovering their lost data and now it can help you too. Whether you need to recover one little file or the entire kit and caboodle, DDI can do it—with on fuss and total success.

The product works so well and is so respected that the makers offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. The program is simple to install and very easy to use. It is always reliable and retrieves everything you want with no hassle. It’s also very affordable

So if you dropped your phone in a lake, lost it at a park, or had it stolen by some Pokemon Go thief—no worries—DDI will provide you with every bit of data you ever had so that you can put it on your next device … and the device after that … and the device after that. … and the device after that….