What DDI Utilities can do is to help you save time, money and effort to recover lost file when your device becomes inaccessible. It is designed to protect data such as soft copies of your personal and business transactions, software data used in your business, and other files saved in your computer or laptop. It is a software for data backup and recovery.

DDI Utilities to Backup Data

When DDI Utilities is installed in a device, it can serve as Data backup software to provide your original data with a second copy that becomes ready for retrieval in case the original data is inaccessible. It automatically backs up data when the software is already installed and activated.

It can also be installed in other devices like tablet or a cell phone and functionas monitoring or tracking software. After successful software activation, all data from a device is backed up including phone contacts,  SMS and text messages, phone histories, phone conversation, photos and videos, places visited by the device, social media activities and other saved applications, browser visited and games played.

The software is best to monitor computer works of employees, work progress when they are using devices in encoding, track down location of those assigned on field, and view call logs. This is to measure work productivity and control unnecessary misconduct of employees.

DDI Utilities to Recover Data

In case an office device like a desktop computer is damaged and a file is needed for business presentation, without a Data recovery software you cannot have access to your lost data ever again. But here’s the good news, DDI Utilities brings you the best technology for your company’s stability and success. It aids you to a stress-free workplace where both your hardware and software are taken care of.

When you purchase the software you are given a username and password which are sent thru your email. A download link is also given. After downloading the software, activate it in the device using the license key. The user can monitor the target device by logging in using the username and password to any device and monitoring can be started. All data in the target device is extracted and can be viewed in the control panel of the user.

Aside from being useful in the office to protect files from getting lost, it can also function to monitor work progress and measure productivity of the company. Use DDI Utilities as Data backup and Data recovery software for your business.