Anyone can have DDI Utilities installed in a computer, laptop or smartphone. It is a data backup and recovery software that best functions to secure and protect important files created and stored in a device. The idea of activating the software in offices and personal devices is beneficial to company owners and individual users.

Protect Personal and Corporate Data

As Databackup software, DDI Utilities creates backup copy of the original file and updates the copy whenever changes occurs. The updated files are then capable of being recovered at any time. The software is needed by offices to secure important soft copies of corporate documents. Modern offices are starting to implement paperless transactions in the workplace to save company resources and in cooperation with environmental actions in promoting acts of saving the mother earth. In connection to that, offices should utilize technology tools and applications to continue the smooth sailing operation of a company.

Personal files stored in a laptop or smartphones such as photos and videos, personal documents, and downloaded files and applications are also backed up by the software.

When the device is not capable to function, being lost, or the data is not accessible due to computer and software virus, another function of DDI Utilities is to retrieve all information as Data recovery software. It enables the user to have the exact copy of the original file without getting a lot of work. Hardware or device is important, but losing data adds burden and stress. The unique feature of DDI Utilities is when a device or a cell phone is lost, the software can track down exact location and gives possibility to retrieve the lost device.

Function as Monitoring Software

The information extracted from the device are text messages, call histories, phone contacts, gallery, downloaded applications and browsing history. It can serve as a monitoring software as it gathers all information remotely without the knowledge of the device’s user. It can monitor mobile activities of employees and all tasks done in a company computer or laptop. The software can also monitor kids when they are not at home to know their location. Parents use the application to monitor their children’s cell phone text messages and conversations with friends, as well as online activities and internet usage. The best application a software can provide is to secure loved ones and protect one’s company.

DDI Utilities is one of the leading provider of data backup and recovery software. It is a brand with reputable name and outstanding product.